Thank you for coming by!

Take a tour through the pages of this site: I think you’ll find evidence of what makes this gathering of Christ-followers special. In a single phrase, We are “A Pilgrim People on a Journey Together.”

“Pilgrim” is an old word that’s new again. Long before the Mayflower crossed the Atlantic to bring some brave souls to these shores, a pilgrim was a traveler on a spiritual quest. The fact that you’re reading this suggests that you are on one, too. We live in an age where we know more facts than ever before, but unless we find help from above, we are no better at loving our neighbors than we have ever been.

For us, who carry the legacy of those Mayflower Pilgrims, the word has special meaning. Like them, we rely on the Risen Jesus to be alive in our midst through His Holy Spirit. That a congregation can find in its midst all the help, guidance, and spiritual power needed to follow the Son of God faithfully is a hallmark of our identity. To quote our friend and mentor, Arthur Rouner, to be a Congregationalist does not mean we can believe whatever we want: it means we are responsible to seek and follow what our Lord would have for us to do in this our present moment.

Because we trust that Jesus is alive among us, we:

  • Worship Him with eager gladness;
  • Study the Scriptures for guidance and illumination;
  • Care for one another, and for those not yet part of our life together; and
  • Reach out with the Good News of God coming to our rescue in the Person of Jesus Christ.

We are “A Pilgrim People on a Journey Together.” I hope you’ll join us soon!

Grace & Peace,

Pastor Peter Smith