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January 13
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    7:00 am - Men's Bible Study

    7:00 AM-8:00 AM

    No additional details for this event.

    9:30 am - Worship Team Rehearsal

    9:30 AM-11:00 AM

    It is the team’s aim to guide the congregation into worship, the presence of God, and thus a relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. As a flexible team, we are always open to dedicated musicians joining with us for the glory of God alone.

    5:00 pm - Dinner and a Movie

    5:00 PM-7:30 PM
    Dinner will consist of roast pork, over baked potatoes, vegetables, bread & butter and delicious strawberry shortcake.
    The movie will be “Beyond Acceptance”.
    The cost is $5 and a canned food item for Hanson Food Pantry.
    Synopsis of “Beyond Acceptance”
    When Evans, a ten-year-old unwanted child, enters his home, Aaron’s life is permanently transformed. Believing they have much to offer, Aaron and his wife, Stacy, choose to use their family and stable home as a platform to reach out to children in need through foster care. However, this undertaking was not as simple as they had anticipated. Evans is their first placement. Abandoned as an infant and tossed from home to home, he is a boy with no hope of ever being wanted. Aaron and Stacy often find themselves wondering about the outcome of their ambitious undertaking. The coping behaviors Evans has developed as a result of his past make him extremely challenging. Tantrums, mysterious disappearances, food fights, and impenetrable silence become a new part of their everyday life. Aaron is shaken by his lack of control. Stacy is crushed by the rejection of her affection. Their daughter, Jennie, is resentful of the chaos now ruling her life. As each new obstacle surrounds their family, they are dragged continually closer to the breaking point. Their future is fraught with questions. Can they continue? Will Evans ever understand? Will they be able to entrust themselves wholeheartedly to the hands of God? Is it possible to love the unlovable. . . is he really beyond acceptance?