YOU Are Invited to Participate in Small Group Ministry!

Have you ever wanted to be more connected with your fellow believers? To study Scripture together? To have some of your faith questions discussed and answered? To join with other believers in prayer, fellowship, and outreach? And to rejoice with one another in the good times as well as support each other during the challenges that we all face as we walk through life?

FCCH began a small group ministry in 2016 following a visioning retreat that identified the need for this valuable and essential ministry. After leaders were trained and a Small Group Festival was held, more than 70 individuals began actively participating in small groups meeting in homes and at the church throughout the week, on either a weekly or bi-weekly basis. You are invited and encouraged to join a group.

Small groups were a core part of Jesus’ ministry in the New Testament. He gathered disciples and leaders to meet for study, fellowship, prayer and evangelism. Today small groups follow the same model with an emphasis on bible study, fellowship, prayer and outreach. Small groups involve “doing life together.”

In the spring of 2016, 25 individuals completed the Small Group Leader Training. In September, 2016 a church wide Small Group Festival was held to invite members and visitors to join a small group. Since then more than 70 individuals have been actively participating in small groups which meet in homes and at the church throughout the week, on either a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Small groups continue to meet using a variety of studies, expanding membership, and deepening relationships. Exciting local and extended outreach opportunities have been discovered.

Sunday2-4PMSkip and Sam AllenHome of Sue StaplesBi-WeeklyFULL
Wednesday10:30AMCarol SmithCarol Smith's HomeWeeklyOPEN
Wednesday1:30PMEllie Hartz & Marilou HallJoan Townes's HomeWeeklyOPEN
Wednesday7:30PMLinda Archibald & Kerry HendersonFCCH Conference RoomWeeklyFULL
Friday6-7:30AMPeter Smith & Tim JohnsonFCCH Conference RoomWeeklyOPEN
Every other Thursday7:30-9PM Mark and Renee HearnHome of David & Denise Soper2nd & 4th ThursdaysOPEN
Saturday10AMKathy Fuller & Julie GaineyHome of Cathy CooksonWeeklyOPEN

If you are interested in joining a group or have questions, Horace or Carol Lukens would be happy to help you connect with a group or respond to questions. You can reach them at: 601-832-7738 (Horace) or 601-832-7733 (Carol).